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Enhancing RMNCAH&N Services: Insights from the 2021 Scientific Conference

Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent Health & Nutrition (RMNCAH&N) services are a crucial benchmark for the effectiveness of any public health system. The ability to supply quality care for mothers and children reflects the overall health system’s performance. During the 2021 RMNCAH&N scientific conference hosted by the Ministry of Health and President’s Office, Regional […]

Addressing Human Resources for Health (HRH) Challenges in RMNCAH: A Path to Progress

The field of Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child, and Adolescent Health & Nutrition (RMNCAH) is at the forefront of global efforts to enhance healthcare, save lives, and promote overall well-being. However, this exhilarating journey is not without its challenges and opportunities. As a part of this journey in Tanzania, the 2021 RMNCAH&N scientific conference, hosted by […]

Wilson Centre’s High-Profile Tanzania Visit to JMKF AND CCBRT 

The Wilson International Centre for Scholars, established by the United States Congress, recently paid a high-profile visit to Tanzania. The delegation, led by Wilson Centre’s President and CEO Ambassador Mark Green, called on Dr. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, former President of Tanzania and Settlor and Chair of the JMKF, at the Foundation’s offices in Dar es […]

Three Innovative solutions created by the Jamii Tech Incubation Program in Mwanza 2023 On the 3rd of April 2023, 15 dynamic innovators from diverse backgrounds including farmers, fishermen, welders, and student from technical colleges, came together in Mwanza for a 30-day technology innovation camp – Jamii Tech. With the urgent need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, these young minds brainstormed practical solutions to some […]

Kijana Leo Episode 007: Dustless and More Powerful Together.

In episode 007 of Kijana Leo TV program, we see a group of young people who put their talents to good use by developing and mass-producing dustless chalks to be used in schools across Tanzania. As their tale aired on Azam TV, they saw an immediate boost to their reputation and popularity. The Maswa Family […]

Kijana Leo Episode 006: The Hero of Cashew Nuts.

Zaidu Mbwana, a Young Innovative social entrepreneur who is constantly recognized as a local innovator and hero at his home town of Tandahimba in the suburbs of Mtwara, graced Kijana Leo TV program (Episode 006). His Zaidu Welding and Fabrication is a social enterprise in the agriculture value chain that empowers communities with locally produced […]

Kijana Leo Episode 005: Transforming trash into treasure.

Have you ever wondered where the plastic water bottle you throw goes after consumption? According to Tanzania’s National Plastic Pollution Hot-spotting and Shaping Action Report, over 315,000 tonnes of plastic waste were generated in 2018, with an estimated 34% of the plastic waste being collected. There is no proper waste disposal in Tanzania because there […]

Kijana Leo Episode 004: The recycled light.

Innocent James has been a cacatalyst for the transformation of rural communities, motivated by the desire to bring about change and instill a lifelong reading habit in primary school students in Mwanza. In this spirit, he founded Soma Factories Tanzania, a Mwanza-based social enterprise that manufactures solar bags from renewable cement bags. The rechargeable solar […]

Kijana Leo Episode 003: Farmer’s Choice

For Tanzania’s 15 million smallholder farmers, harvesting crops is a daunting task. whether they are harvesting rice, maize, sorghum, or other crops, farmers are forced to use manual threshing that are inefficient and limit farm productivity. about 97% of Tanzania’s 6 million smallholder farms lack the machinery to aid in agricultural labor, and less than […]

Kijana Leo Episode 002: Keep yourself up to date.

The crew of Kijana Leo TV Program celebrated the International Women’s Day in 2022 with Jacqueline Lawrence, a young female problem-solver who is also the owner and director of Mbeya Highlands FM whom shone brightly on our second episode. Mbeya Highlands FM, a commercial radio station that broadcasts to three million listeners per airing, was […]


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