Kijana Leo Episode 006: The Hero of Cashew Nuts.

Zaidu Mbwana, a Young Innovative social entrepreneur who is constantly recognized as a local innovator and hero at his home town of Tandahimba in the suburbs of Mtwara, graced Kijana Leo TV program (Episode 006).

His Zaidu Welding and Fabrication is a social enterprise in the agriculture value chain that empowers communities with locally produced productive-use technologies to improve the lives of smallholder processors. The company addresses the issue of cashew nut processors’ lack of access to technology, which severely limits their productivity because nearly all of their work requires many hours of hard manual labor, limiting and devaluing the final cashew nut product produced if not harvested as a whole nut. 

With over 4 million views on Azam TV, through the Kijana Leo TV program,  Zaidu has received over 200 orders from Tanzania and Kenya for the machine, which will benefit the majority of small-scale cashew nut processors.

Through that program, Azam TV has been able to provide free branding services on Zaidu’s social media pages, which has helped boost his online business presence, after realizing the impact Zaidu is having on the community.

Zaidu Welding and Fabrication has sold over 100 cashew nut processing machines to local cashew nut processors, employing over 20 youths and training them to be self-employed welders.

The JMKF, on the other hand, has facilitated Zaidu’s development by connecting him with Breakthrough Attorneys Lawyers who will expedite his access to patents for his machines. JMKF also assisted Zaidu in the development of his business plans and advised on management and filling of his business documentations for his business growth.

To date, Zaidu has received interest from the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO’s) office in funding him from the local government’s loans to youth under the PMO basket funds, which will help him grow his business and increase his productivity.

SIDO Mtwara through a meeting the Mtwara Regional Commissioner’s (RC’s) office has further expressed interest in providing land and an area of operation for his business growth including training more youth in the specific welding and fabrication areas.

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