Kijana Leo Episode 005: Transforming trash into treasure.

Posted August 27, 2022

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Have you ever wondered where the plastic water bottle you throw goes after consumption? According to Tanzania’s National Plastic Pollution Hot-spotting and Shaping Action Report, over 315,000 tonnes of plastic waste were generated in 2018, with an estimated 34% of the plastic waste being collected. There is no proper waste disposal in Tanzania because there are no sanitary landfill and incineration facilities, and 95% of the plastic waste is mismanaged and could potentially leak into Tanzania’s oceans, rivers, and lakes.

GreenVenture recycles plastic waste into low-cost building materials like paving stones, furniture plastic lumber, and round posts. The venture aims to assist people in building houses, furniture, hotels, bridges and fences while also promoting environmental sustainability. 

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Although polluting the environment used to be a problem for this company, Edgar has discovered a way to convert the smoke into an environmentally friendly gas. Green Venture has recycled over 600 tons of plastic since 2015, saving 75,000 trees and creating up to 130 jobs for waste collectors and 8 full-time jobs from his factory.

Edgar has been a pillar in environmental conservation with the benefits of being able to sell more products and grow his market base, as evidenced by more than 100 inquiries raised from his business.

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